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Company Overview



Maximum Marketing is a premier broker and industry leader representing a wide variety of high-quality specialty goods, including natural and organic products; bakery and grocery items; deli fare; refrigerated and frozen foods; personal products; and vitamin and herbal supplements.


We bring to our clients more than 27 years of experience, along with an unparalleled knowledge of our business. From new product rollouts and line extensions to day-by-day merchandising, sales and reset programs, we deliver measurable results. Our exceptional track record proves it.


By using the talented sales force at Maximum Marketing, manufacturers can save the cost of hiring their own employees and paying salaries and benefits. Working through well-established partnerships with industry leaders and smaller niche markets, we provide carefully crafted, results-driven campaigns using proven sales strategies and solutions.


Over the years, Maximum Marketing has built longstanding relationships with both distributors and manufacturers based on solid performance and reliability. We provide strong programs for manufacturers seeking to reach distributors, as well as direct sales from manufacturers to retailers.   


 Through incentives, demos, advertising partnerships, and special events, we get products onto the shelves, and give retailers the important tools they need to move them into the hands of consumers. Our clients trust us because we bring them success.


We never forget that our success depends on the success of our clients. 





Maximum Marketing strives to be the best sales and marketing agency for the East Coast, the Midwest, the South Central Region, & the Caribbean by offering exceptional service at all levels; providing our employees with a secure, satisfying work environment, and achieving well-planned, controlled growth.



Maximum Marketing was founded in 1991 by Brad Magaro and his wife Robin Miller-Magaro with a single product line.Since then, it has steadily grown to represent scores of products throughout a territory that includes the Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, Southwest, and Puerto Rico, which covers 70% of the US population.

We are the industry leader in category management, planogram implementation, and expansion of selection skus, as well as the promotion of new items. We are large enough to have the person-power and expertise to put programs into action, yet we are small enough to provide personal, one-on-one service. Our customized strategies meet the individual needs of each client, dramatically increasing sales and sparking significant gains in distribution.

Maximum Marketing’s core business is helping our clients make strides in their businesses.

Many of our talented, well-trained staff members have been with us for years, developing the kinds of relationships with distributors and retailers that accomplish goals and get things done. We are trusted industry partners who continue to build our reputation by exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Call us today, and let us show you how.


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