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Prospectus Sales Programs Quotes

Just some of the quotes from our clients:

"A tremendous work ethic"

"I am impressed with Maximum Marketing.  They are tenacious.  They follow up.  They return calls.  They consistently ask for feedback.  At trade shows they overwhelm you by bringing contacts to the booths.  I'm very impressed with them as an organization.  These people have credibility, integrity, and a tremendous work ethic."




"Amazing placements"

"In only 90 days, Maximum Marketing has secured some of the most amazing shelf placements for our product in the grocery and retail markets.  I have worked with a lot of brokers before, but I have never seen a product get on the shelf at the retail level so quickly and with such a high level of accuracy."




"Better coverage and service"

"Since partnering with Maximum Marketing I have seen better coverage and service at the retail level than ever before!  The honesty and integrity of the entire Maximum Marketing team is only surpassed by its commitment to support and help grow our product lines."




"Their commitment helped drive record sales in their first year"

"Maximum Marketing has become an immediate and important partner with Nestle Specialty Foods as our broker in 2005.  Their commitment to provide support at all levels of the organization as well as getting up to speed quickly with the broad portfolio of Nestle Specialty Products helped drive record sales in their first year of representation.  We look forward to continued success with Maximum Marketing as our partners selling and providing strong customer service with the line of Nestle Specialty Foods products."


"Get more product on store shelves"

"We appreciate Maximum Marketing's proactive approach to implementing and following through on innovative ideas to help us get more product on store shelves."



"The highest level of customer service"

"The people from Maximum Marketing are our eyes and ears in the Southeast.  They are current on industry trends, and keep us well represented on store shelves.  Maximum Marketing maintains the highest level of professionalism and customer service and really looks out for our best interests."



"Promoting product understanding"

"When Robin started the brokerage business, I rushed to be one of her first accounts, and we've been with Maximum Marketing ever since.  They do a very good job in terms of organizing promotional efforts, in covering the territory, and making sure their people understand the product and the concept behind the product.  They are good at instilling this information to the retailers."


"An excellent, knowledgeable staff"

"Maximum Marketing has an excellent staff that takes care of our accounts.  They're very knowledgeable and they shows us the best and newest products in a timely fashion, along with the deals on these products." 
















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